Friday, December 13, 2013

Purple Flower Pot

There are a few things that are alluring to me and I wanted to explore them. I love a background of book paper...the actual pages of an old book or dictionary. (I have several old dictionaries that I tear pages from on a regular basis!) I love buttons as flower centers. (I also love eyes!) I like the look of flowers or birds over a background of wordage. I like to use quotes in my canvases. So yes, I like this piece!

I had intended to leave the background as just the dictionary page but then I saw a past project of mine that had the stencil of little flowers and leaves used on it. It was just so darling. I used a heavy body white arcylic through the stencil to make it raised. My only other planned step was the flowers themselves.

I knew I wanted the flowers to be on wire stems and to be loosely attached. I wanted them to have movement and I wanted them outside the confines of a frame. I wanted them to leap off the canvas at you. I learned from my canvas, Sprung, that wire holds well to canvas when you use paper to hold it down. So the flower pot holds the stems on the canvas but not in place.

The flowers are not so heavy that they droop when the canvas is upright but they bob lightly in a slight breeze of a passerby. The only thing the canvas lacks is the smell of fresh rain and dirt.

Enjoy your weekend.
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."  --William Shakespeare

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