Monday, July 29, 2013

The Time Machine

It all started in the little Flea Market on Main Street. There was a booth with old laser discs. At least, I think that's what they were called. They came and went just like 8-track tapes! I looked through the box, hoping to spot a movie I knew, and this popped out! The Time Machine. The label was a little worn but hey, it was all workable. What a perfect canvas for all my Steampunk embellishments!
(in case you were wondering, yes, the laser disc is still in there!)

At first, I thought I'd do both sides as the back of the disc was like the back of a book with a plot summary and such. But then, I reconsidered. It would be a piece that someone would hang on the wall, so I didn't bother with the back.

 The cover art was just neat and very steampunk style so I wanted to leave most of it intact. These close up shots reveal all the little idea-o-logy doodads I had been hoarding as well as various keys, copper brads, and a set of gears and cogs from a different source.

I cut out my papers first to go around the edges and they folded over to the back except the piece along the top. I wanted that to stay open in case the disc ever needed to come out. The papers are from Hot off the Press; Steampunk collection, I think. I tore the edge and inked it with Distress Vintage Photo. Just used Mod Podge, matte finish to get them on there.
For some grungy texture, I spotted some brown ink and some watered down black acrylic. Used the old paper towel roll to make some black circles. I attached some Tim Holtz film strip with multi medium, matte at the top.
All the metal embellishments went on with multi medium as well. (Multi Medium...gel medium...same thing. Sometimes I wish Ranger wouldn't rename all their materials.) I was going to leave the list of the Cast but it looked so unfinished that I decided to cover it. Put down some Washi tape with a steampunk vibe. (coated it with Mod Podge to keep it on) Then, looked up my quote from the book by HG Wells.

Overall, pretty happy with this one. It'll probably stay with me for awhile because I'll procrastinate about figuring out a hanger for the back. My favorite bits are all the coppery touches!

In case you were wondering, no, I never read the book. But I have seen this old movie...just not on laser disc!

"The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn." ---H.G. Wells, The Time Machine.

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