Monday, March 19, 2012

Creative Chemistry

I'm so super happy that I signed up for this on-line class at On-Line Card It's Tim Holtz talking about all things Ranger. I've already learned a bunch of stuff on the very first day!
It was really great to be told that your HOMEWORK was to play with the stuff you've got to figure out where they fit in the grand scheme of things. Dye vs pigment (I have way more pigment inks!). Water vs solvent vs oil...most things I own are water. A few specialty solvent/alcohol...and I couldn't live without them.
It was a nice gauge of where I'm at. It gave me confidence to know that I already knew some of this stuff but was exciting to learn a few new things. Best new thing I learned: the vehicle of the colorant does NOT determine whether it will work on your chosen surface. I had just assumed that if it was water based, it wouldn't work on a glossy surface...wrong! In fact, my markers do dry very well on glossy, coated paper. It takes one a little longer to dry than the other but both DO seem to work. So, I'd say my investment is already paying for itself!

My homework:

Can't wait for more!!!


  1. yay what a great find! :)

  2. How fun!.. Glad to see you did your homework! I did mine too, so I will take a picture too. This is a fun class.....