Friday, September 19, 2008

The "NEW" Clue Game

LTC CLUE RULES REVISED (Standardized version)

The Rules:

1. You will receive a “hand” of cards from the balance of 24 either by mail or by e-mail, depending. (2 suspects, 2 weapons, and 3 locales) These are the cards you use to answer suggestions from other players. Whatever “clues” you deduce or receive from others should NOT be passed along. You can only answer a suggestion with the cards you have in your “hand”. If you have none of the cards suggested, a simple “I can’t help you” will suffice as an answer.

2. On the START DATE and TIME, you can make a suggestion to all other players on the tracker up to 3 TIMES PER DAY. (See tracker notes for DATE and TIME of start.) To clarify, you MUST respond to all suggestions that are put to you (not necessarily immediately). You can only make 3 SUGGESTIONS to any one player in a 24 hour period.

3. You must wait for a response from a player before e-mailing again.

4. Only one suggestion per e-mail but you may answer a suggestion and propose one in the same e-mail. But keep track of how many times you’ve made a suggestion to that player because after 3, you’re done for 24 hours. (until the start time of the next day!)

5. Wyvern knows all. I may be asked suggestions but only ONE per day.

6. Once a winner has been determined, it will be announced to the LTC board. However, all other players will continue to play the game until they surrender or solve. THEREFORE, all players must continue to answer their e-mails regarding the game until the solution is posted.

7. The balance of the swap cards will be mailed out upon completion of the game. Extras may then be traded, cards may then be logged, and discussion of details may be made public.

How To Play: We play just like the game of Clue!

1. E-mail a suggestion to another player(s).
*Suggestions can comprise any available cards whether you hold them or not.

2. Wait for a reply to disprove one part of your suggestion.
*See Example of Play for rules in replies.

3. Once a reply is received make note of what you’ve learned. You may then repeat the first two steps for a total of 3 suggestions to any one player.

4. Once you’ve reached your limit, you’ll have to wait until the next day to continue your questioning process.

5. When you’ve solved the mystery, you AQ mail Wyvern with your ACCUSATION. Use this word or phrase in your e-mail so I can tell this is your FINAL SOLUTION. If I think you’re just asking for info, I will treat it that way and it may delay your completion of the game.

6. The winner will be the first player to AQ mail me the correct solution (accusation). I will be keeping track of where you place, however. The first 12 players to solve the crime will have the opportunity to join an Intermediate level of Clue which I’m trying to organize for Jan/Feb 2009. It’s not required, just an opportunity to have another level of the game.

Here’s a typical exchange in the LTC Clue Swap to garner info and deduce whodunit.

1. Suggestion by LOSTGIRL: Cyclonic did it in the ballroom with the carving gouge.

2. Reply from jackbear: It’s not the carving gouge.
*You may be as creative as you like with your replies to add to the “details” of the mystery. (For mystery story, see the *Clue Sheet LTC clue page.) But please, make it clear what card you’re “giving” as a response.

3. Suggestion by LOSTGIRL: Cyclonic did it in the ballroom with the crowbar.

Jackbear holds “the ballroom” and “the crowbar” and has deduced that it was NOT Cyclonic.

4. Reply by jackbear: I was in the ballroom. No murder there.
*If you have more than one of the cards in the suggestion, choose ONE to reveal. You are not obligated to give any more help than necessary.
*Along these lines, you may only reveal what cards you “hold”. Jackbear has deduced that it is not Cyclonic but since he doesn’t hold that card in his hand, he cannot offer it to LOSTGIRL. So jackbear can give the locale or the weapon but not the suspect.

5. Suggestion by LOSTGIRL: Cyclonic did it at the Statue of Liberty with Poison.

6. Reply by jackbear: I can’t help you with that one.
*If you don’t have any cards in the suggestion, a simple “I can’t help you” will suffice as an answer.

7. LOSTGIRL can not ask jackbear another suggestion until the next day (beginning at the same start time). But she is busy answering other people’s suggestions as well as making more inquires to other players until she maxes out on them as well.

Expectations of participants

1. You will need to provide me with the following:
*25 copies of your chosen LTC (vertical or horizontal makes no difference)
*A Mailing envelope that can be re-used or an envelope to send you with the swap cards
*Postage. Enough to send your swap cards and an extra stamp for the first mailing of your “hand”.
* An extra address label or two if you haven’t addressed your return envelope.

2. You need to add your LTC to the tracker! The tracker page will be the main source of what cards are available to solve this crime. ALL cards are required to be added to the tracker and must contain what they are in the title. EX. Clue: Suspect: Abe Lincoln.

3. I need the above elements Before the launch date of the tracker or mailed on the Launch Date. I will require a bit of time to mail the first batch of cards out so the longer I have to wait on cards, the longer the wait to actually play the game.

4. Please do not log any finds of cards until the game is complete.

5. Do not trade any extras of these cards until the game is complete.

6. Do not make suggestions or accusations on the message boards or other public forum. When the game is complete, you may discuss all the details about the game you like.

7. Once a winner is determined, please continue to answer your e-mail regarding this game until the solution is posted.

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