Sunday, September 15, 2013

Patchwork Jack

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than using up the scraps of paper that sit on the edges of my craft table workspace. It feels like recycling. Since they are scraps, they also coordinate without too much effort on my part.

My golden pumpkin (now called Patchwork Jack) came alive from a pile of scraps of vintage papers and a palette of browns.

I may have lost some of the details in the folds of my brain as I did this canvas awhile back. It's a flat 8 X 10 canvas that I had painted yellow! ARGH...when will I learn?

In pencil, I outlined the shape of the pumpkin and it's face. I painted around it with black then just tore up my scrap paper and collaged it down.

I added white and black gelato to give it a smoky or ghostly appearance. I found a fantastic golden frame while cleaning out the basement and decided to give it a professional look.

It was pretty straight-forward but oh, so, satisfying!
"Punkin Head, Punkin Head, carved you out. Now you dead. Got no guts, got no glory. Got no voice to tell your story."  --Wyvern

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