Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall Upon Us

There's nothing like letterboxing in the North Country in the Autumn. I want to walk. I want to drink in the sunshine and absorb the turquoise blue sky into my pores. I must suck it all up before the snow blankets the ground and the trees become mere sticks standing exposed to the elements.

I truly love this time of year and wouldn't give it up for the world. Letterboxing gets me out there where the smells are thick and the leaves drift gently down. I will pick some of them up and I will marvel at their color. The trees have just begun to turn here but we won't peak until the beginning of October, no doubt, maybe even later. Mostly this time of year will inspire me to create more beautiful boxes...lovely little darlings each as individual and precious as a fallen leaf.

And not to forget Halloween, the Master Holiday for Mystery and Intrigue! I have seen that Plant a Mystery Box day will be commemorated on Oct. 7th. I will actually be in Connecticut that weekend and traveling for Columbus Day. Hopefully, I will be able to find a few mystery boxes. I have one ready to be planted, though it is not a powerful mystery. It is a mystery location but not a mystery to be deciphered or solved. But for Halloween I have released a Hitchhiker, Halloween Cat...symbol of all that is the night. If you see this little trickster, drop me a line. I also just planted my first night-time box, Night Owl. The stamp came out pretty well, I think. I believe my carving skills are improving. With the mysteries of autumn upon us, there will be lots for letterboxers to do before the snow flies.


  1. That's right..autumn is the best time to be out boxing...few if any bugs, cooler temperatures, and less tourist...ok except on those holiday weekends.

  2. Oooh, can't wait for first frost! Yeah!

  3. We've had spotty frost up here already!!! Back in the woods, you can see the ferns and other growth dying back...cooler weather is coming!!!