Thursday, July 13, 2006

Find Your Dragon Name

I picked my trail name because "Wyvern" is a term used synonomously with "dragon". I was also playing a collectible card game at the time called "Wyvern" which involved fighting of deck of dragon cards against your opponents deck. It has since gone out of production but I still keep a couple of my killer decks around in case I ever find anyone who knows about the game.

Recently, in the book "Dragonology", which has gotten alot of bestselling attention, I came across the name again. In this book, a wyvern is a type of dragon that inhabits the African plain and feasts on elephants. Unlike my traditional Celtic type dragon, this wyvern has only two legs and acts more like a great predatory bird.

I didn't have the luxury of a computer generated name selector. But recently the site Rum and Monkey has come to my attention. This site has all kinds of name generators including (you guessed it) dragon names. In fact, the site has two that I have found so far. You just type in your name (or any variation thereof) and it gives you a dragon name, nickname, and color. On one generator, my name is Fragore the Peaceful One (color blue) and on the other one, I am Serne the Beautiful (blue dragon). So check out this link: and see what you get for a dragon name.

And while you're there, have some fun with the pirate name generator, the cat name generator, and Warcraft name generator. They have a million of them so take a break from work and see how many personalities you really have!

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