Halloween Party: Witch's Tea

Here are the spells that I made up for my Witch's Tea Party. Each spell uses a variety of ingredients (listed below the spells). Little black plastic cauldrons are used to mix the ingredients in and each spell calls for a different color wand. While I have not made the wands, it's easy enough to paint a stick or add rhinestones or beads to a stick to make it a unique feature. Or you can drop the color completely and just use any old wand.



Mix the following in cauldron:

*M&Ms Blue only



*rainbow sprinkles

Wave blue wand and recite spell:

“Rain, rain go away.

Don’t return until I say.”


Mix the following in cauldron:

*M&Ms green and yellow only

*golden oreos


Wave green wand over cauldron thrice.


Spell: “May good luck be yours to have and to give.”


Add the following to the cauldron:

*M&Ms red and orange only




Wave red wand over cauldron and recite spell: 
“Sweet dreams come to me.
Allow the Future to be seen.”
Eat as the last snack before bedtime


Combine the following in cauldron:

*candy corn

*golden oreos

*teddy grahams


Wave yellow wand over cauldron and recite spell: 
“Mystical energy fill the space in my brain 
as all my fears wash down the drain.”

As you can see, each spell has a variety of ingredients all of which have a particular meaning which is why they are in the spell. So here's a list of all the ingredients you need for all 4 spells and what they mean. You can assemble these in mason jars or bowls or cauldrons for your guests to scoop out or grab. I made little name plates for each one to label them.


M&Ms: for color and visual appeal
candy corn:  for autumn energy
goldfish:  for water element
teddy grahams:  for comfort and safety
marshmallows (mini): for softness and gentleness
pretzel sticks: for purpose and direction
golden oreos (mini):  for wealth
nuts:  for energy
rainbow sprinkles:  for light element
cheerios:  for preservation and happiness

Just a starting point for any other spells you can create with ingredients that your peeps like. Feel free to use for personal parties but please don't publish these elsewhere. Please don't copy and distribute or sell without my permission. Thanks!

Happy Halloween!

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