Thursday, March 15, 2018

6 X 6

I have forsaken the Art Journal Adventure for this year but another has taken it's place.

It's a 6 X 6 challenge group on Facebook and inspiration comes from Rachel Black. (You can find her amazing mixed media projects on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.) She offers up a theme and then posts a video of her take on it. Only and exactly 6 X 6.

I didn't think I'd have so much fun with this. I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with a weekly challenge again. (the Art Journal Adventure was fun but tough to stay up to date) I think it has to do with the timing. These videos and theme "go live" on a Saturday. I have time on the weekends to create and I can make something (or at least, start something) while the inspiration is fresh in my mind, while I still clutch my excitement.

So since this is smaller than I usually work...I figured it fit in with my goal to do some "little things".
Here's the first three weeks and a few notes on them, for your interest.

Week 1: Flowers: Spring:  A couple weeks ago it was feeling like Spring. I just love the stone wall background. I even ripped up a favorite paper for the flowers.

Week 2: Doodles: Mystic:  I like to doodle while I'm doing something else like watching a movie or YouTube or tuning into a live stream. Decided to go with a black background. Couldn't find the right word but in looking up meanings and symbolism in card suits, the spade gave me the word "mystic". Why not? (For those nerdy types, like myself, I also recreated the Tholian web here.)

Week 3: Butterflies: You are the Spark:  So a couple weeks ago, I thought Spring was on the way but this week, it's not. Three NorEasters have missed us mostly, but it looks more like December than March here in Northern NY. So I needed color. I had no idea that Distress ink looked so GOOD on Bristol paper...honestly. I couldn't believe how wonderfully vibrant they stayed. I don't use Bristol for much but cutting up some to 6 X 6 was (by far) the smartest thing I've done so far. Many more pages for this challenge shall be done upon Bristol.

Crossing my fingers that I can keep up with this one. I feel I'm off to a strong start.
Please follow, if you can. Share as you like.
"You are the match. You are the spark."

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