Sunday, December 17, 2017

Art Journal Adventure: November 2017

Once again, I find myself behind the 8-ball in art journals.
I always try to keep up with prompts but then things go awry and I end up not finishing them with the year.

So as usual, my 2017 art journals will be finished up in January.

But for now I have completed my November Art Journal Adventure prompts. Take a look.

Week 45: Bird: Lovey Doves:  I decided to de-stash some more flowers and use up a Joggles collage sheet. Mostly I wanted to play with some new color sprays I had bought to test out the variety of pinks. That flower stencil in the background is one of my new favorites. Despite it being winter, this spread feels very tropical to me.

The only problem was that a later page leaked through the spine and bled into this page. Normally, I don't sweat that too much but the contrasting color was soaked up by some of the flowers and I was disappointed. This, to me, is the only drawback of working in the Dylusions journal. I try to be careful but sometimes that ink just gets away from ya. Otherwise, I consider it a very successful page.

Week 46: Clowns: Neon Clown:  I'm not much of a fan of clowns. But I tried not to cop out on this prompt. So I tried my hand at a face. I did glue down a magazine cut-out face first then just painted my clown face over it. I more or less just wanted to play with some neon colors.

Week 48: Splash: Splash:  This prompt didn't merit a whole two page spread so I bumped it ahead of Week 47. I basically just threw down more neon paint and called it done. Honestly, that was hard to do but it does seem finished.

Week 47: Thanksgiving: Space:  Ok, I honestly have no idea what this has to do with Thanksgiving but sometimes a prompt just doesn't hit me. While I try to stick to it and tie it in, sometimes, it just feels like I'm working too hard. In the end, it's my journal and I can do what I like in it. My brain was craving deep colors and more black. I had done my autumn pages and my brain was already engaging in Christmas. Doing another "Thanksgiving" page felt like a step backwards. So I moved away from the prompt for this week. Very far away.

The trend of "galaxy" backgrounds is one I can ride for a long time. I LOVE them. And these pages came out so great that I didn't want to put anything over them. But I felt I should try to add a little something. So out came my underused Lawn Fawn stamps. I added the images in a long line to draw the eye across the page and to relay the feeling of the vastness of space.

I may be adding a quote to this page but since I considered it "finished" with the galaxy, I don't know if that would be overkill.
I will be making more galaxy backgrounds in this manner as it turned out with just the right colors and all with Dylusions products. I was amazed at that. I was certain the colors weren't quite right but the Pomegranate color was exactly what my collection had been lacking for this to work.

There probably won't be another blog post until after Christmas so Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Hope to see all of you back here to help me ring in the new year with my list of goals, resolutions, and to-do list for the coming 2018 year, so to speak. I will be trying some changes to the blog posts next year as I don't anticipate doing as much Art Journaling.

But anyhow, hope you'll join me again soon!
"The children all nestled, all snug in their wee little beds...while visions of sugar plums danced in their wee little heads." 

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