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ABC Tags of Halloween: Part 1

I figured sharing a post about the whole alphabet would be pretty long so I broke it down. Watch for Part 2 later this month.

When I was writing down all my ideas for Halloween projects, I ran across a list I had started about a Halloween alphabet. That is, words related to the holiday in alphabetical order. I was stuck on several letters and not the ones that you might think. Eventually, I copped out on some of them and found a word that was "good enough".

I initially was going to make ATCs but after I saw my TAG HOARD, I figured this was a good way to use them. My TAG HOARD is large and consists of mop-up tags that are somewhat complete backgrounds. I told myself I'd try to use them as the focal point for cards but I haven't been good about following through with that. (Shameless Plug: There is a set of Halloween cards in my Etsy shop that do feature tags as the main image. Check them out HERE.)

So here we go:

All the backgrounds were basically already done so I can't tell you how I might have made them. I did have several words to pick from for some letters but I just went with one that struck my fancy at the time or that would look good on one of the tags I had.

A is for Alien:  True, not necessarily Halloween, but this was a hard letter. And whaddya know? I had a tag with alien green embossing paste on it. That alien head is a hand-carved stamp of mine.

B is for Bats:  I love this stamp image from Rubbernecker stamps and I'll make any excuse to use it. I masked off the moon and used Distress inks for the night sky.

C is for Cat:  I had good intentions with this tag. I don't like how the cat seems to get lost in the background. I tried some white gel pen to outline it but I'm not so sure it was a success. I loved the background of this tag and I was delighted to use up some Halloween ceramic buttons I've had in my stash for decades...yes, I'm pretty sure, decades.

D is for Dracula:  I had these rubber stamps of trick-or-treater heads. I figured I could just fake a body. I added purple paper then inked a stencil over the whole shebang before added Dracula on top.

E is for Eyeball:  If anyone knows me well, they know I have a fascination with eyeballs. Just be thankful I didn't glue googly eyes to the whole thing!

F is for Frankenstein:  I repeated my trick from the "D" tag. BTW: the letters are just an old alphabet sticker set. For most tags, I tried to frame them in a circle but some, like this one, I added in a space that seemed to need a little something.

G is for Ghost:   A similar background to "C", it must have been made at the same time. The backward numbers gave it an otherworldly what you'd see in the mirror. More of those stashed ceramic buttons have appeared.

H is for Haunted House:  Now don't get me wrong, I have several stamps of Haunted Houses that I just love. But I'm also trying to de-stash some of my Halloween stuff. This house was sitting in a stack of "use it or lose it" papers. Besides it matched my background.

I is for Invisible:  This was another hard letter. The other word I had come up with was just as difficult to translate visually. But hey, I think this one is kinda funny!

J is for Jack O'Lantern:  Naturally. Not ceramic buttons but I'm using up my stash!

K is for Kraken:  This was another hard letter. I struggled to find something other than this as I don't really equate this with Halloween. But it is a monster of mythic proportions and the source of many a nightmare. So what the hell? These tentacles of Dyan Reaveley's are just awesome! I'm gonna be using these all over the place. (along with a lot of eyeballs)

L is for Leaf:  And another hard letter. I did have another word but I found these tags that already had leaves on them. That background is very much the same as tag "J". The leaves are metallic gold and copper but for the life of me I can't remember what I used to create them. I know I used a Tim Holtz stencil but I don't own any texture pastes that are those colors. I either tinted a pearl paste or it's Inka Gold forced through the stencil. So at least the mystery of this tag relates it to Halloween. :)

M is for Mummy:  I bought a couple collage sheets from and this Mummy was one of them. I couldn't resist. This tag was a pretty basic yellow color so I added the hieroglyphics with a background stamp. I think that really pulls it all together.

Ok, so that's half of the alphabet. Later on in the month, I'll share the last half!
Stay tuned.
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Thanks for hanging out with me this month!
"Nobody saw where she went? That's a lot of eyeballs doing nothing."  --Marlin, "Finding Dory"

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