Sunday, August 06, 2017

Art Journal Adventure: July 2017

You can catch the prompt for the Art Journal Adventure over at the Joggles Blog. Or join the Facebook group and share some inspiration or get some more!

So here are my pages for July...minus the last one. That might be included with August. Since July 31 was a Monday...most of the week was August. (That's my excuse because the prompt is to include a Mandala and I already know that's gonna take me some time to do.)

Week 27: One: Singular Sensation:  I decided to go with the straightforward design presented in the prompt. I did try mixing some new colors of paints I had gotten to see what came of them. After I had my giant number attached, I felt it needed something else. I colored the die-cut with ink sprays. This page fits the theme also as that I only used one line of products...those by Dyan Reaveley. Only the actual number is not, it was a scrap of paper hanging around my desk. (I named this page because all the while I just couldn't get that song out of my head. I think it's from "A Chorus Line". I used to see a commercial for it all the time as a kid and the only part of the song it played was, "One. Singular Sensation....blah, blah, blah." Amazing what gets stuck in your head.)

Week 28: Wonder: Ancient Wonder:  I wondered a lot about this prompt but finally decided that it fit in with another project I needed to get done. I did this page and a similar one for the other thing. It allowed me to try something here to see if I liked it for the other. The quote is a song lyric from Suzanne Vega's "Song of Sand".

Week 29: Incorporate a List:  Flow Chart:  I am a writer of lists and a fan of them. They do keep me organized...when I can find them. But they are also sometimes rather private or long term. I never keep them unless they are "in use" so I was a bit stumped with this page. I didn't want to copy a list I had and I had no idea where to take it if I used the list(s) as a background. So I went with more contrasting colors, a flow chart stencil, and a couple of old scrapbook journal mats with a couple hastily added lists. Not great, but done.

Week 30: Opposites: Eclipse:  I wanted something different. Not the usual. I decided to use opposite colors on the color wheel. Then, I had an idea of just using circles to make it look like positive and negative space. As I was looking for paper to match my colors, this yellow and eggplant combo reminded me of the up coming Solar Eclipse. (I know it looks black in the photo, but the dark color is really an eggplant purple cardstock.) After dwelling on this prompt for far too long, I just love it. It worked out just the way I wanted it. I thought about adding a word or phrase but I think this abstract says it all. (which is very unusual for me!)

So that's it for this/last month.
See ya next time.
(I'm hoping to stay caught up but I'm starting to make out my Halloween Project list. Those projects will have to be worked into my already in I have no free time now...schedule.)

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