Sunday, February 12, 2017


I probably won't be posting to the blog again until March.
I'm starting a vacation and I don't think I'll be very successful at getting anything done!
I won't be taking my art supplies; just a few markers, a journal, and stamped images to color. (Because let's face it, I'd be totally lost without some kind of journal!)

So until I get back you'll just have to make do with the past wealth of knowledge that this blog has waiting in its archives.

I'll be coloring some crows and sugar skulls for some future projects. If you'd like to see some of my past Halloween art, just hit that label on the right side. I even have a label for Edgar Allen Poe, to be precise.

I'm taking an art journal with me. It's the Color Palette journal. Check out those posts and you'll see I haven't gotten very much done in it. (So I decided to just stamp some stuff in the back pages to rip out later!) Or if you'd like to see some other art journals, just check out the Inspiration Journals or the Art Journal Adventure. Or even the Large Journal. If you REALLY want a blast from the past; go to the SEARCH box (down the right side toward the bottom) and search the blog for Sing Song. That art journal was all about being inspired by random music on my ipod. Still one of my favorite journals.

I do make cards as well. There's plenty of examples of greeting cards and tags around the archives, too!

Or if you want to search by a particular product, I label these when I use them primarily in a project:
Lindy's Stamp Gang
washi tape
alcohol ink
Or by what you'd like to see for these subjects:
mixed media
rubber stamping
altered book
artist journal (this was different art journal from my own inspirations)

See ya back here in March!

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