Sunday, January 08, 2017

Art Journal Adventure 2017: The Beginning

Just a quick post to share the "cover" of my Art Journal for the Adventure at Go HERE for details and examples.

I decided not to use loose papers then bind later. I also decided not to just do the prompts in whatever journal happened to be within reach. I decided to just go ahead and use the large Dylusions journal. I bought it with the intention of just ripping the paper out and using it for projects. My need to have "themed" things together has won out on this topic. I can't see myself doing the AJA consistently without a designated journal for it. Loose paper might work but I know by the middle of the year the stack of paper that needed to be bound would be driving me nuts. It would have to be stored somewhere safe where I wouldn't lose the I just went with a pre-bound, ready-to-go journal. I'm lazy like that.

So the prompt was to do the cover and 2017 is the year of the Rooster. I don't like roosters much. But I do like feathers.

Cover: Shake a Tailfeather:  Having also started my Inspiration Wednesday Journal this weekend, I decided to go simple with the cover. I just stamped some chicken wire on the background, tore up some paper, colored it, and collaged. Whether or not it's clear that this is the back-end of a rooster doesn't quite matter to me. I like the way it looks. I wasn't sure about the blue but so glad I went with it. Those feathers are colored with gelatos, BTW. I am on a quest this year to use up some old ones I have that are beginning to dry out. (Note to self: remember that gelatos have a life-span when you don't use them a lot. Same for gel pens, paint pens, and paints/mediums in jars! I've been doing some cleaning out and have discovered products that I bought early last year or the year before that are not quite so "fresh" as they used to be!)

I hope this cover will remind me to keep on task and keep up with the journaling in 2017.
Song "Shake a Tailfeather" from The Blues Brothers.

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