Sunday, November 06, 2016

Art Journal Adventure: Part 7

I was so far behind in this journal I never thought I'd get caught up before the end of the year. But after a kinda, maybe-ok weekend of "art" work, I'm only a week or two behind now.

This journal is inspired by prompts given at the Joggles Blog.

I left off in this journal with some not-so-satisfying pages. It's hard to get back into it when you leave in a bad spot. But if you don't jump back into it, you'll be stuck with blank pages. Even ugly pages are better than blank ones because at least, you've tried out something.

So here's the next set of pages, ugly ones and all!

Week 35: Outward The prompt was to design your page outward from the center. I immediately thought of my Rays stencil and used that. This was a simple page but really gave me a boost of energy to work on more pages without a feeling of dread.

Week 37: Not Quite Birds:  I skipped #36 because I wanted a 2 page spread. So moving to 37, the prompt was to add tissue paper to the background. I chose the only tissue paper I had close by which was colored and had been saved from a Donna Downey supply shipment. Once down, it seemed dark, so I went through my stuff to find matching colors in lighter shades. The butterflies were cut from a Joggles collage sheet and my alcohol ink colored a scrap of cardstock for the quote. A few touches of white and I moved on (or back) to Week 36.

Week 36 & 38: Circles  I decided to combine these two weeks into a two page spread. I thought it was done but looking back on it this week, I think I need to add the larger circles I had toyed with in my head. The two prompts were monoprinting and repeating a shape. Circles, spirals and curves are always my go-to shapes. I monoprinted this Bubble Blast stencil (Joggles) with a variety of soft colors from the Lindy's starburst sprays. I went ahead and outlined every circle with a matching color. I just can't leave it alone. I think I'll be adding some larger circles in there somewhere.

Week 39: Adventurous Cats:  This prompt was to use PINK. My original plan fell through when I realized I didn't have any Magicals in pink. (Magicals are from Lindy's Stamp Gang and I use them like the Brusho powders.) So I just sprayed and added some paint. I honestly didn't know what to do with the page. I wanted to stay all pink but I couldn't shake the need for black. So added my cats.

Week 43: Uglier: Again I was jumping around with the prompts. This prompt was to use stencils differently. I interpreted it as Just use stencils. It quickly became a hot mess then my effort to save it failed. So I did what any good art journaler would do and gessoed over most of it. I started with a very pink cobblestone, added green branches, then something purple. Anyway, you get just got uglier. I thought maybe by adding a tree in black it would pop out from the page. Alas, the tree was too "branchy" and just got lost in all the background. The blue was an alphabet mask that I thought would tone down the background but there wasn't enough coverage to make that stand out either. So I just cut out a circle and gessoed everything around it. I thought the quote was appropriate and added some stars to round it out. Ew...this one was a rough time.

 Week 40: Ladybug Go Home:  Having learned not to stop on an ugly page, I went simple with the prompt for this week: Insects. I knew I had these really old stickers laying around and I wanted to use them. So I just went with a green Lindy's starburst spray background, added my stickers, and wrote a little something along the edge. This is certainly not what I'd call art but it does look good to me and it's something I like. The simple nature of this page is what I needed. I needed to see that things come together without too much thought or too many materials. In the end, I'm the only one who'll really be looking at this journal over and over again so I may as well put what I like in it. I can preserve those little scraps and stickers that I have hoarded over the years (those that were too precious to use) in a journal. This page will remind me of that.

Also getting caught up on my Inspiration Journal...that will be next post!

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