Monday, August 08, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103: Resistance is Futile

From the Crayon day...Day Creative Chemistry, I tried out the Watercolor Resist.
I admit, I am impressed. I like the way it works; the way it looks; the simplicity of the one-layer, if I wish to keep it so.

And of course, I tried it out with the Robot stamps!
Some photos:

Tim's Rusted Robots:   Since I was cutting up watercolor paper, anyway, I cut up enough for mistakes and 2 sets of Robots. (See how confident I was? I cut up paper for mistakes.) After coloring in my first robot, I decided to make a Rusty set and a Brand New set. The cards with the brown backgrounds are my Rusty Robots.
After yesterday's experiments with Distress Crayons, I was thinking that I probably wouldn't need any more. However, I had a great deal of fun with this technique! It does have a learning curve and you have to embrace imperfection so it may not be for everyone. Honestly, it's changed my mind about "needing" more Crayons. I find them much more forgiving than the Distress Markers (with which I also have a Love/Hate relationship) and easier to get the blended results that I want.

Brand New Robots:   I pretty much just colored these guys with the crayons, no blending or anything fancy. Again, these are unfinished card fronts. These came out great but I think I prefer the Rusty set over these. 

Once again, I am loving the resist techniques best. And it may have just sold me on more Distress Crayons!

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