Thursday, July 07, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Part 4

This journal is my Inspiration Journal created by Donna Downey Studios and follows her class called "Inspiration Wednesday".
You can find the posts to Parts 1-3 in the sidebar under the label, "Inspiration Wednesday".

So here's a few more pages and my apologies on some of the photos. This journal doesn't lie flat and doesn't like to stand up straight. The more pages I complete, the harder it is to get a good photo of the damn thing. What a bitch!

 Starlight:   Another week where just background paper was sufficient, really. I, again, went back to my word on the first page; Magic. So Starlight seemed to wake up the inspiration.

"Starlight" also happened to be the perfect number of letters. I needed a nine-lettered word for my tag!

 Black and White:  For this week, I had none of what Donna was using; graphite powder, Stabilo pencils/crayons, I just went with what I had. I used Black Marble Dylusions paint over gesso. My light molding paste picked up a reddish tint from my dirty stencil so I rolled with it. Red and purple Distress Crayons...showed up well on gesso but not so much on the black.
I added minimal embellishments to the insert just to give it some interest. Love the vines and numbers even the embellishments...but I really don't like the Distress crayon marks I made. It may grow on me.

I Dream in Color:   This week was about a cool technique. I used a stencil/mask made out of hot glue! I made connecting squares with stripes through them. Once the stencil was down, I used two FW acrylic inks and a Lindy's Spray to add the color over it. It pooled underneath the stencil and left the stencil shape where the colors mixed. This was horribly messy but super fun!

I knew I wanted to use neon colors but once I had that I was unsure what to do to tie it all together. I added the same quote as Donna as it seemed appropriate: "I dream in color and paint what I see." After deliberation, I just framed the pages out with black paint.

The insert was done the same way but I just added those sticky labels and numbers. I had made those for the Art Journal Adventure journal a few weeks ago. I shadowed them with a black PITT brush marker.

Overall, pretty happy with this set of pages. I think I need to figure out more focal images. They have all seemed to be rather heavy on the background. I'm behind one week due to holding out for a supply but that may give me time to figure out what these pages seem to be lacking; focus!
"The secret to happiness in your work is to find a job in which your neurosis is constructive."
     ----Jeanne LaMont, MD

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