Sunday, June 19, 2016

As Promised: Art Journal Adventure Follow-Ups

In past posts, I've hinted at two pages that were incomplete in my Art Journal Adventure book. (Prompts courtesy of Barb at Joggles.) I've finished them up and thought I'd share the end results.

Most recently was this one:
Week 21: Monochromatic: While the prompt does say to "pick a color...or two", I really wanted to go Monochrome. So I made the decision to use Dylusions paints and I couldn't resist London Blue. To vary the color, I simply added some black for the darker shade and added some white for the tint. This page just reminds me that I can make a "landscape" with just one color!

To finish the page, I added white gel pen for some stars. I thought about adding more, maybe some words scrolling along the horizon line...but I ended up just liking it the way it is. It's simple but thoughtful.

The other week that you've seen progress on is Week 15: Funky Flowers. It didn't take me long to draw them but coloring them...that took awhile.
So it started like this:

Then it moved into this:
And finally:

I used Derwent Inktense pencils to color it all in. (these are my new best friend...I absolutely love these pencils! And here I always thought I preferred markers...)

I was going to leave the background between the rectangles blank but changed my seemed too empty. So using a trick of Barb's...I filled in with little circles!

Busy days ahead...I hope to get more accomplished soon. I'm so behind on my "goals" for this year!
"Hello, it's me. I'm not at home. If you'd like to reach me...leave me alone." --Sheryl Crow, "A Change Would Do You Good"

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