Thursday, June 16, 2016

Art Journal Adventure: Part 4

This journal is dedicated to the Adventure prompts over at the Joggles Blog.
You can also find it on Facebook in a private little group. Everyone is welcome, you just need to be added in.

Because I don't always get time to work in my journal every week, I tend to do these pages in batches. So here's the next "batch".

Week 19: Borders of a Different Kind:   I followed the inspiration pretty closely. I just didn't go through the process of making my two sides mirror reflections of each other. I like symmetrical but I didn't need them to be that perfect. It took forever to draw in all the circles but that's what I love to do. (In my school notebooks, you'd find borders and corners of little circles...doodles.)

I really liked the look of Barb's trees so I replicated them! I added in my little purple house for a little scene. I colored them in with Dylusions ink spray. I just dipped a brush right into the bottle and painted them.

Week 20: Sticky snippets:  Sticky snippets are a product at Joggles that is basically a blank adhesive label sheet. The idea was to "junk" up the sheet then you could use the labels on your projects. You could also use the negative space for a whole page which was the prompt for this week. I didn't have any sticky snippets but I did have a bunch of old inkjet label pages so I decided to try them out. They worked well. I used acrylic paint and a few sprays on them. I pulled the background up and left the labels on the sheet. The adhesive wasn't super sticky anymore but I got it on the page. Added the buttons to the center of the starburst shapes and outlined the shape with a black PITT pen.
The color inside the starbursts was a soak-through from the previous page.

In the top photo, you can see a sneak peek at the page I'm working on. Here's another quick shot without the glare:
I was cat-sitting this week, so went for the feline stamp. I'll let ya know when it's done.


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