Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Half-O-Ween (Large Journal)

So I saw this challenge over at Lost Coast Designs blog.

You can find the challenge post HERE and if you're a fan of Halloween, maybe you could join in the fun.
While my Lost Coast stamps are limited, the ones I have are ones that I reach for over and over again. I have been wanting to add more stamping into my Art Journals so that's what I did.

 Something Wicked this Way Comes:   Besides using Edgar Allan Poe quotes at Halloween, this quote from Shakespeare (in part or in its entirety) is one of my favorites. I started with the Trees background stamp. As I was working in a large journal, I wondered if I could get away with stamping it several times to make a larger forest. Straight line across, no problem...but how to get the trees to extend up to the top of the page? I stamped it upside worked. Sure, I had to use a black Pitt pen to finish off a few lines that bothered me but once I added the color, it didn't make much difference. I used other stamps for the fence and small trees in the foreground. I drew in the gravestones.
I think the Eye I used is a Lost Coast Designs stamp, too. I bought a small set of images that included an eye, die, elephant, fish, compass...etc. But that was a few years ago and when I wasn't keeping track of stamp companies. What doesn't show up in the photo is the green metallic tinge in the eyes. I couldn't do a Halloween page with a rickety old fence without including my favorite Creep of all: Green Eyes.
The top half of the page is colored with Lindy's Stamp Gang products; Starburst sprays and Magicals. I added in a couple Dylusion colors to round it out. The face on my pumpkin-sun turned out a little more cutsey than I was going for but considering my face drawing skills are still developing, I'll make do.

The photos were tough to get just right as the Lindy's Magicals really laid on the shimmer factor. I LOVE the effect, though. When you see the page just open, it's a dark page with the burst of orange. When you tilt the page, the shimmer becomes all bluish and teal giving the page a supernatural glow.

Thanks for the glance!
"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."  --Witches from MacBeth


  1. Spooky, creepy and mysteriously awesome scene you have created. Thanks for joining our Half-O-Ween event at The Lost Coast Portal to Creativity :)

  2. You have created a fabulously creepy scene. Awesome stamping and great spooky atmosphere. Thank you for joining our Half-O'Ween challenge at The Lost Coast Portal to Creativity.

  3. So much fabulousness1 Thanks for sharing with us at Lost Coast Portal to Creativity! The WINNERS post is now up!