Friday, November 27, 2015

Dylusions Journal (almost Inspiration)

So my Inspiration Journal for 2015 is a Dylusions LARGE journal. But since I have plenty of space for fooling around in it, I do a few pages just to play with my ink sprays and such.

Here's a couple of those pages for your interest.

Engulf(this may look familiar if you've seen my Artist Journal...this page spread inspired the smaller one!) So here's how this evolved to the best of my memory. I had these green tag-like stickers from forever ago and wanted to use them up. (Nothing and I mean NOTHING, makes me happier that using up a sticker sheet and pitching the backing paper!) You can kinda see them in the lower corners. From there, I decided to just go monochromatic and stick with green. I laid down a bunch of sprays and some stencils. Decided to add some dictionary text and vines cut from paper in my scraps stash...they weren't like a full sheet of paper I had bought...they came from some variety pack I had inherited. As I rip up dictionary sheets, I always look through the words to see if one pops out. The word was "Engulf". Added my papers and vines then the stickers. Got out the acrylic paint and added some green with a palette knife. Highlighted the word with some free-hand leaf cuts. As a finishing touch, I wanted to know what Transparent texture paste would look like if I added a colorant. I believe I colored it with some gelato and put it through a small fading dots stencil. It actually looks kinda neat. (The shimmer you see on the background is from a Lindy's Stamp Gang spray that I used but I couldn't tell you which color!)

Fem Pop:   When I got my new Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays (Drop Dead Diva Set), I knew I had to do some homage to the '80's. I had to try them all out, naturally, so the background has a bit of all the colors in the set and some stenciling. I did use Dylusions Black Marble to add in the numbers in the background. So going through my magazine stash, I found some photos of Madonna in her formative years in the '80's. When she was "Desperately Seeking Susan" and called the Material Girl. The clippings were black and white which meant that I could use them with whatever! Bonus! I also found a model photo with blond hair to cut out. The lips cried out graphic while the license plate alphabet stickers sang "urban grunge". It just all came together when I could spell out the title of the page with my last remaining letters, "FEM POP".

 (I really do love this large format journal for using magazine clippings. I tend to have larger images from magazines and they lend themselves better in the larger journal. Remembering this when I decide to re-order blank journals for next year. I vow to have a plan!!!)

I hope you enjoyed the little peek.
"Get into the groove, boy, you gotta prove your love to me."  Madonna, "Get into the Groove"

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