Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Artist Journal: Plugging Along

Some more pages in the Artist Journal. Just to prove that I'm still working at being an Artist. (with a capital "A")

Owl at Sunset:  Just wanted to play around with Distress inks on a background and my new Tim Holtz stencil, Rays. I just like this one.

Dem Bones:  I do love the skull stencil...I've used it many times in my journal. I tried it out here with my new GLOSSY black embossing paste from Dreamweaver. Yup...I like the glossy finish. The black is well...BLACK. More Distress ink background practice, too.

Red and Blue:  Not quite sure how to describe this page. I thought the background was just over a blue-violet. Decided to just collage over it. This page is to remind me that 1. Backgrounds aren't permanent. 2. When a theme doesn't produce itself, just go with colors. 3. Eyeballs are cool! 4. Not every page has to be gorgeous and I don't have to like them all.

Sometimes just the action of throwing things down on a page, whether color, texture, or collage elements, is enough to get something going. The next project after the ones like these always seem more pleasing to me, but you still have to just get in there and start!

Thanks again for viewing my blog and sticking along to the end!
"When you have more than you need, build a larger table not a higher fence."

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