Monday, March 10, 2014

Cards in Envy: Think Green

My brain hurts. Honestly, green is one of my favorite colors so why have I had such a hard time making green cards all of a sudden?

Fortunately, I broke out of my slump. Just in time, too! (Listening to some Irish Rovers music works every time!) The current challenge over at Cards in Envy is green!


Green Season:  This card all came together as I rummaged through my junk drawer and found two things: patterns to cut out shamrocks in various sizes and a paint chip. Dark green cardstock makes up the base card. I just added patterned papers, the paint chip, and then my focal shamrock. For a touch in the empty corner, a bit of bling but still pretty flat.

While doing this card, I realized how many shades and hues of green there are! For this card, my greens had to be more on the blue side and look a bit bright. The majority of green I have on hand leans to the yellow side and would be considered more brownish/leaf/earthy type greens. I learn something every day!

"It's not easy bein' green. You blend in with so many other ordinary things."  --Kermit the Frog


  1. Such a nice green card. I like your background papers and the dark green edges along with the paint chip. Thanks for playing along with us at Cards in Envy.

  2. Fabulous idea to use paint chip samples! Love your Green card--it's perfect for our Think Green challenge! Thank you for sharing with us at Cards in Envy!

  3. Clever idea to use a paint chip! Thank you for joining us at Cards in Envy! ~ Marilyn

  4. love the paint chip strip!!!! sooo much for playing along with Cards in Envy!!!!