Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pattern Play

I'm taking an On-Line Class called Pattern Play. I'm learning a few things that should make matching up patterned paper a little easier for me. I have no problems with colors but patterns...well, I'd like to use them more. I don't use them mainly because they can get really "busy" really fast. I usually use them to pair up with a solid color and then the card looks too bland. So, after the first couple days of class, I have indeed learned some great things and feel more comfortable matching up patterns.

Only problem is: most of my patterned paper is the same type. Either tone-on-tone or the same size. Maybe that's why I've been having such problems!

But I did manage to pull this card off today. It uses a couple tips from Day One.

Not sure why I'm into the "cool" colors this Spring. I've been attracted to more blues, and purples this year than anything else. These patterned papers are from Hot Off the Press, the Batik collection. The Thank You sentiment is a stamp from Stampin Up. I like it overall. The pattern on the left (shown in the close up) was one of the few Large patterned papers I had. I already tend toward small prints so mixing the size of the patterns was challenging!

I was going to try Day 2 but my first attempt went horribly wrong. Yuck! I think the next stamp I need to add to my collection may just be a Large Background stamp with equal parts open and stamped space. (Large as in: the whole stamp fits on the A2 card lining it up!)

Off to watch Day 3 and catch up tomorrow with making some of these projects!
"Friendship isn't a big thing; it's a million little things."  --Author Unknown

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