Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artful Log 3: Chrome Plated Heart

The Artful Log 3 Postal Ring was a great success, I thought. It was fun, challenging, and all around satisfying! This is the logbook I created based on the song by Melissa Etheridge, "Chrome Plated Heart". The theme was Metallics! Photo above is the cover.
I did my layout based on "Chromium blues". My stamp seen in the top of the photo was a filigree heart. I wanted a stamp that was pretty versatile that could be used as a focus or a background or however. New "foil" cardstock that I had bought made great pages.

This layout was done by Jabber. She used a plethora of gold and silver hearts to make her backgrounds and based the layout on a Girl Scout song, her tag said.

Hardware was done by Booknut. I've always wanted to go into Lowe's or somewhere and just see what I could find that could be used in an altered book or something. Too cool.

I love that Hardware Garden! And it reminds me of her book that went around the ring based on Structural Evolution.

Beneath is CWSunseeker's layout which I like to call Silver Lining. The top portion is covered with glitter circles and the hearts are the puffy clouds. Beneath is a metal flower bouquet and the butterfly is a perfect touch.

Batty Girl's pages are truly metallic. You can tell by the photo how reflective that silver surface is!! Her streaks of gold and silver remind me of her other work throughout the ring; an idea that never occurred to me. To use the same element in everyone's spread. I remember these streaks from other logbooks. What a great continuity for your own work!

Mrs. Doglvrs did a glittery copper background with bottle cap balloons. How can you go wrong with a quote from Winnie the Pooh.

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."


Songbird's "I love Metallics!" layout took advantage of that glimmery paper that comes in so many different colors. I, too, have a love for color and that was my only concern when selecting this theme for my log: Would I see enough color? Songbird always come through for me in this! Those little hearts look ready to fly!
Springchick is still working on her pages and I'll add them in to the book when I receive them. I have a blank page or two at the end that I may "finish".
A lovely project from some talented letterboxers!

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