Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheaters LTC Clue

I've got another Clue inspired idea banging around in my head and I need to get it out before it eats me alive!

Cheaters Clue would be played similarly to LTC Clue but with a terrible twist: some players can lie! I don't know if it's even worth trying as I know I'd get frustrated really fast with it, if I were playing. I'm no good at this "is he lying" thing. I know there's questions that can be asked to determine it but I don't have the brain capacity for it these days.

So the game would be much more challenging and would probably take some time to solve. And I'm not even certain who would like to be involved with that kind of thing but here's how I'm envisioning my end of it anyway.

1. Some players will lie!
*For the truth telling, I'd split all players into 3 groups: Group 1, 2 and 3.
Group 1 would always tell the truth. So they'd play a normal game of Clue.
Group 2 would always lie. So they'd play a "negative" game of Clue. (If they hold a card, they must deny it, and it they don't have a card, they must say they do.)
Group 3 can do either. This group can pick what they want to do, either lie or tell the truth. But once they pick, they have to play flipping back and forth between lying and truth telling. So this might mean we'd gain another whole group of liars (or not)!

2. Suggestions would be different.
*Rather that giving a Clue suggestion with three elements, you'd ask for a card like in "Go Fish". Ex. "Do you have Miss Scarlett?"

3. "Hand" would be different.
*Each player would start with less cards. Only 1 Suspect, 1 Weapon, and 2 Locales.
*"Hands" would be e-mailed to each player rather than mailed by USPS.

4. Players would still be broken down into groups for "hands". Like the grouping in Beginner's Clue, players hands would match some other players. But there's more 6.

So here's sort of how players would be broken down. The numerical group corresponds to whether players are lying or not and the alpha groups refer to which hand of cards they hold.
Group 1 would be Groups A and E.
Group 2 would be Groups B and F.
Group 3 would be Groups C and D.

Wyvern would be able to answer suggestions as well. Wyvern always tells the truth but only one inquiry per day. Wyvern's hand consists of all cards that are not the solution.

Start date and time would hardly be an issue as I would e-mail players their "hand" so it could be set rather quickly and would occur close to the launch date. Unlike Intermediate Clue, this also allows for the dropping of a player or two without affecting game play.

Definitely challenging.

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