Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Variation of LTC Clue (Intermediate Level)

So having been through two LTC Clue swaps, I've come to the conclusion that more tweaking would not improve the game and add to the confusion. But I've decided to go up one step and take both things I liked about the swaps and make it a NEW swap.

IF you are new to playing LTC Clue, please visit the previous post to see how it is played. This article assumes you've played before and only elaborates on the differences between the first and second versions, which I'll call "Beginner's" and "Intermediate".

So here's what may be different (depending on if you were in Clue or Clue, Too!)
1. There will be a set START DATE and TIME to begin playing the game. This is different from the Launch Date. I need cards by the date set on the tracker. The START DATE and TIME will not be revealed until I have confirmation that all players have received their first mailing. I am hopeful that this START DATE will be Friday or Saturday about a week after I've mailed out the "hands". The START TIME will be NOON Eastern.

2. The reason we need to wait for everyone to receive their "hand" is because I will NOT be grouping players. Everyone will receive a RANDOM selection of swap cards. The 2 Suspects, 2 Weapons, and 3 Locales you receive may or may not match someone else's hand. So if you hold Mr. Green and discover that someone else has that card, too, it does not eliminate that player from the "pool" of people you need to ask suggestions of. (I hope that makes sense.)

3. There will be NO LIMITS to the number of e-mails you may make to any other player in a given time frame. Once again, however, I do require that you wait for a response before making another suggestion of the same player. Only ONE suggestion per e-mail, please.

Everything else will work as before. Make sure you use the word "Accusation" when e-mailing me your final answer and I may be asked suggestions...only once per day.

To refresh your memory of how we ask suggestions and what to do during certain circumstances, please see my previous post on this blog as it outlines a nice Example of Play.

I will once again provide a Prize LTC...the Master Clue card as well as a Clue Sheet and Solution Envelope. Let's have loads of fun with this game once again!!

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