Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boxing Season

Wow! I can't believe I've neglected the Lair for so long...apparently chocolate has greatly distracted me. Chocolate and Winter.

But spring has arrived in Northern NY and it is now officially Boxing Season. I am cutting back on my postals and gearing up to plant new boxes in the area. I have also committed to hosting a gathering...with some help from jackbear, joystar, LOSTGIRL, and Sky Blue Dragon. Hopefully, it will turn out well.

More about the gathering later.

As I sit here...doing my laundry, watching it rain...I am befuddled as to why I've negelected this blog. I love letterboxing. Moreover, I love making letterboxes. Finding them is all great fun and it takes me to new places but I LOVE making them. It is a creative exercise and one that allows me to indulge in what I like. The letterboxes that I have placed I have placed with care. The more I read posts of others, the more I want to maintain my commitment to "quality not quantity".

So it is now Boxing Season and I must get my supplies ready and my ideas need to be fine-tuned. I need to stop procrastinating and get working! I need to carve, carve, carve, and then make logbooks (my favorite part). What wonderful relaxing distraction that I can do at home...not run the car anywhere, not go go go...not until the box is finished. Then, I can find the spot...THE SPOT...and let it go!

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